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Homemade Natural Soap

Soap Making Classes

We're on a mission to tackle mental health head-on. Personally, the art of crafting soap at home became my sanctuary, freeing my mind from negative cycles. There's a remarkable comfort in the scents and textures of soap-making, a serene and invigorating dance in the act of creation. I yearn to extend this healing journey to you and invite you into this soul-nurturing ritual.

Stay tuned for upcoming soap-making classes in your area. Alternatively, if you wish to create your own cleansing celebration, allow me to guide you! Explore various types of event themes below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

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Basic Soap Making Class

Jump into the sensual practice of soap making! Learn everything you need to know about making your own soaps at home. I'll share with you the basic steps and my own secret tips to making gorgeous creations.

Mindfulness + Soap Making

We elevate soap making into a mindful meditation where we blend our senses with the act of creation. You'll learn all the steps in making soap and how to transform this practice into a centering ritual.

Addressing Trigger Points with Soap

Making soap saved my life. When the cycles of negative thought take hold, soap making short-circuits that negative spiral. Let me show you how this ritual changed my life and how it can change yours too.

Celebrating Communion

Sharing experiences with loved ones is a great way to build communion. Let's plan a festive event for your party, celebration, or other reunion that could benefit from creative play and unique party favors.

General Information:

Servicing Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Classes are generally priced per person per hour. Discounts are given to nonprofits.

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