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Wholesale &
Custom Orders

Mane Rhodes is able to fulfill wholesale orders and create custom soaps. Fill out the form below to receive a quote from us on your request. Please provide us with the required information for each order (as listed below) so that we may deliver an appropriate quote.

Wholesale Orders


Do you require loaves of soap or individual bars? (each loaf is equivalent to 10 bars.)

(for individual soap orders)

List any specific size requirements. A standard bar is between four and five ounces. We can adjust the size of each bar within reason.


Wholesale prices are valid for a minimum of 50 individual soap bars or 5 soap loaves. 

Custom Orders

In addition to the Style, Size, and Quantity requirements (as listed above), please also include the below detail for custom orders.


Please describe the colors you want included in the soap.

Online Order Form

Place your order now for only $15!


Thanks for your order! We'll get back to you shortly!

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