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I am a survivor of trauma and will use all that is in me to empower, uplift, and inspire others to move from surviving to thriving!

I was the victim of domestic violence. Like many others in this situation, I struggled with low self-esteem, often placing the blame for the trauma on myself. Innately, however, I have always had a love for humanity. Just never for myself. I had to learn how to love and value myself.

My journey to wellness was not an easy one. In searching for a way to the light, I took up soap making as a way to engage my body in healing my spirit. It quickly became an outlet for me to express myself, exorcise my demons, and walk away feeling fresh, clean, and renewed. It changed my life.

In my community, people walk around disconnected and struggling to survive. Lack can drive unhealthy choices and decisions. It is a vicious downward spiral. But I am the evidence that another way is possible. That people who suffer from mental illness and trauma can not only survive, but can truly thrive.

Through my desire to become the best version of myself, I gained more empathy, compassion, and patience for others. I developed a love language for humanity. I accept people as they are. I help them in the way they desire to be helped.


Like my grandparents before me, I am a farmer sowing positive seeds that will reap a good harvest of people knowing how to advocate for themselves, knowing how to ask the right questions, and speak the language of the audience they are in front of. I want to bring awareness, mindfulness, and the ability to be present in their lives.


Ultimately, I aim to create a camp on 10 acres of land to provide a healthy space for inner-city youth to learn how to love themselves and others; to teach them about the value of life, and conflict resolution, the love of the universe, and how it made no mistake in creating each and every one of them.

In finding my voice, I now raise it on behalf of others. I am a ‘Silence Killer’ and an Abolitionist from Washington D.C. My advocacies raise awareness on mental health issues. Mane Rhodes is the path to self-love, self-worth, and ultimately less hate, anger, and violence in communities across America.


In learning about my story and using my products, I hope that we can continue this conversation. We need to learn how to listen to one another. We need to reach out to those who aren’t currently able to do for themselves so that they may thrive and be able to reach out to even more people in need. Join me!

Rylinda Rhodes xx

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Occasionally I give interviews and make appearances to speak on several issues that are near and dear to my heart. These include mental health peer support, re-entry efforts within criminal justice reform, and sexual trauma. If you are interested in booking me or want to discuss an interesting opportunity, please fill out all the form fields below.

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