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 Bursts of cedarwood brought together with notes of vanilla to give that sweet, woodsy aroma. Beard Butter is a hybrid between Beard Oil and Balm. Contains no Beeswax, so will provide a very light hold and less shine. 


Using All Natural Premium Essential oils. These help moisturize and condition while promoting healthy beard growth. Shea Butter moisturizes hair and skin, smooths and softens hair, helps with beard-druff, eczema, and dermatitis, skin protector against weather elements 

BABASSU Butter is rich  in Vitamin E, soothes itchy dry skin while alleviating beard-druff, prevents dryness, conditions

AVOCADO OIL contains omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for encouraging beard growth while reducing breakage and hair loss

This product contains Tree Nut Oils and Natural Botanicals. Allergy Sufferers Test Before Use. 

Beard Butter Cedarwood/Vanilla 4 oz

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